Diversity and inclusion are an intrinsic part of our Company’s fabric. We offer our employees opportunities to improve their work-life balance with the development of remote work, where possible, and in an inclusive work environment, where everyone feels respected and valued. Every day, our people around the world bring their different cultures and unique talents and strengths to their work. We value their leadership and collaborative spirit, and their determination to consistently achieve best-in-class performance.

Asians Connected Together

Actively promote Stellantis’s global competitive advantage through developing a diversely-talented professional Asian workforce.

Diverse abilities network

Create and sustain a diverse and inclusive environment that actively supports and respects employees with disabilities, employees who are caregivers of family members with disabilities and employees responsible for the care of an elder loved one.

ICON - Indigenous Cultural Opportunity Network

Provide members with opportunities for leadership, professional development, and community outreach. ICON works to increase Native American representation and cultural awareness at Stellantis through recruitment, language, art, gardening, and music.

PRISM - LGBTQ+ Alliance

Promote an inclusive culture within Stellantis through education and awareness; and to provide support for lesbian, gay, bi, transgender, queer persons and allies through business and networking events.

Latins in Connection

Maintain a vibrant Latin community at Stellantis. We strive to leverage the unique backgrounds of our employees and create an engaged, motivated workforce that connects our company to our Latin culture, consumers and communities.

Middle Eastern Employees Together

Bridge a variety of skills and disciplines to provide an environment to connect, collaborate, and grow our member network personally & professionally.

Stellantis African Ancestry Network Diaspora

Ensure Stellantis achieves and sustains world class performance in all aspects of our business by providing inspiration, education, exposure, and development of our African American employees.

Society of Women Engineers

Support women to achieve full potential in careers as engineers and leaders, expand the image of the engineering profession as a positive force, and demonstrate the value of diversity. Foster a community that actively strives to support and engage women in engineering at Stellantis.

Veterans Group

Supporting the Military Veteran community by inspiring a passion to serve.

Women of Stellantis

Foster a collaborative environment at Stellantis to enable women to develop professionally and to become leaders at both work and in the community.

Women in Manufacturing

Engage women in activities to cultivate and promote relationships which strengthen and support their leadership, learning and network both inside and outside manufacturing operation

Women in ICT

Engage organizations whose mission aligns with CWIT to create engagement and learning opportunities

Working Parents Network

Provide a networking platform for all working parents at Stellantis. We want to connect parents to share knowledge about all phases of parenting; From family planning and childhood development to mental health, college and beyond!

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