Welcome to Bring Your Kids to Work Day at Stellantis! This virtual experience is designed to showcase the work that we do and to educate kids of all ages about the variety of potential career paths in the automotive industry - all while having some fun along the way! Watch this video for an overview of the website.

Please note this video was recorded in 2021, but it gives an overview of how the website is set up.


Messages from Leaders at All Levels and Executives with their kids

Ralph and Sydney Gilles

Chris and Chris Benjamin

Tieast and Kennedy Leverett-Thornton

Teresa Thiele and Alex Soave

Esperansita and Lucas Bejnarowicz

Nolan and Alison Rahm

Max and Paul Spevetz

Trish and Jake Hecker

Adam and Ashley Forte

Eric and Zach Schimmel

Grace and Cole Hansen

02 Career Path Exploration



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